Nature is Inspiration 

If you lack serious inspiration then nature can be your constant fountain head. Just sit in the benevolent laps of nature and be inspired. 

I feel most estatic and happy in nature. And that’s why it is my most peaceful shelter when the batters of world tire me. The soul reaching silence of nature will energise your senses and nourish your creative ticks.

The colours of nature are so vast, so infinite that they will memorise you. The secrets, the depths and breaths of nature are unfathomable.

Regale in the amazement of the incomprehensible!


She Is A Puzzle!

Women have been a puzzle for most, if not all. Centuries after centuries tryst to understand them have only heaped more confusion. And, if you dare to challenge woman’s instincts, you’ll find yourself even more baffled. In truth it wasn’t supposed to be a mystery at all. Women were simple and they had very simple needs. It must have got entangled somewhere in between, when (more…)