Between The Heart and Mind

Heart is a tricky space. It make you do stupid things. But it also makes you do things that have a lasting impact. 

When the tussle is between the head and the heart, it’s the heart’s voice that you should hear.

You see, head will give you all the logics, all the pros and cons and the difference that lies between right and the wrong. But the heart speaks emotions and love. 


It’s Valentine’s Day!

Love, a beautiful feeling for those who have been lucky and absurd emotion for not so lucky. It’s the day…its THE VALENTINE’S DAY! It’s natural to be all mushy gushy. I believe, there’s nothings wrong with that.

Have ever felt that absolute bliss in seeing someone smile. That strange surge of emotions melting your heart away. The utterly dizzing feel of having butterflies flutter in your stomach. The unimaginable joy of seeing the glance of your love. If yes then you have enjoyed the most beautiful emotion of your life – LOVE. 

Being struck by the painless pinch of cupid’s arrow is priceless. The time you spent wooing or being wooed is simply enchanting. I would love to relive that time. Every time I see him I fall in love with him all over again. You have to enjoy this feeling atleast once in life.

Love is never complex, it’s simple. You just need to be lucky finding your true love at the right time, at the right place and the right person. And trust me when it’s right, you get to know it instantly. You won’t make mistakes about it. Learn to trust your heart. Listen to what it says and you’ll know it. 

So it’s a big lovey dovey Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. 

Enjoy and cherish the love in your life.

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The feeling of having wings

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. She owned a little plant that she loved dearly. No matter what she did, the plant wouldn’t grow. She cared for it like a baby, sheltered it against wind, rain and sun. Kept the plant inside with her for the fear of animals eating it away.

But even with so much love, the tiny plant didn’t respond. “I love the plant like no other in the world, but look at it. It won’t show slightest response to any of my yearnings”, wondered the little girl. With a broken heart and little hope, the little girl kept the plant outside in the wind, rain and sun. With half the heart the little girl watered the plant every day, without fail.

Day after day, unnoticed from her eyes the plant began to blossom. First came the tiny shoot, then came the buds, then the green leaves and finally came a beautiful flower. After several mornings of watering the plant, the little girl came out to see the miracle she had little hope would never happen. With sparkling eyes, she ran like a wildfire to bring her grandfather out to see what she had achieved.

Seeing the infectious joy of the little girl, her grandfather took her in his arm and cradled her lovingly. Then he kept her down and explained, “you see little one, this is what happen when you give wings to life. Remember, the worst thing you can do to anyone – is to try controlling his life against his will. The plants grows best when nature takes it under its wings. It gives the plant the instincts to fight all odds and develops its understanding about life. When you tried to control it against the things you thought were bad for it, you unknowingly stopped it from breathing.”

I Searched For Happiness

To be #moreprecise before you read, it is not a poem though it may sound like one :).

It was so…..

I searched happiness in things I was made to believe are important in life.
But it did not work exactly the way I thought.

I searched happiness in money. It bought me most of the things, but not a single glint of happiness.

I searched happiness in dreaminess. It brought me the deadliest curses of all.

I searched happiness in loneliness. It brought me darkest of the nights.

I searched happiness in comradeship. It brought me laughter, but in splinters of moments.

I searched happiness in peace and got a moment to think.

Happiness is indeed in harmony that you find inside. You are happy when you know you are happy. You can’t search happiness; you have to pursue it inside your heart, body and soul.

Eternity Of Love Lasts, But Not Our Feelings

For past few days I have been wondering- What’s Love? Silly, and too cliched a question, but everyone once in life asks himself/herself this question. No, I am not in love, though I would love to be. The question just occurred, I am so called writer after all 😉

When you try answering this question it’s all bizarre and dreamy concepts that start coming up. But in essence true love is a bond that doesn’t break. The more you break it, the stronger it gets. The more you run, the closer it comes. The more you shun it, the more it flairs.