I Know Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali, But I Won’t Tell You

Yes, after agonizing two years I finally know why Kattappa killed Baahubali. And the reason simply isn’t convincing enough. The first part had piqued the curiosity well and the conclusion answered all questions.

Watch the trailer here  :-

I am not a review kind of person, but some movies are an exception. Needless to say, I loved…loooooovvvvvveeeed Baaaahhhhuuuubbbbaaallliiii (say with full emotions, dramatic sound and elongated expression).

It’s also important to mention that after days of insistence, my husband took pity on me and booked two tickets for the evening show. It was a wonderful surprise from a person who isn’t really a theater lover. He just can’t sit there for 3 hours.

Anyway, let’s talk about the movie. It was fabulous. Very few movies convince me to write that word. Talk about the dialogues, script, story-line, recitation, acting, sets, action sequences and so on and so forth. Everything was perfectly interwoven to make it a true masterpiece. It deserves all the acclaim and fame it is getting.

The larger than life scenes were amazing and quite engrossing. Yes few shots here and there were really slow, pacing the movie out. But soon enough it picks up the momentum. Maybe the writer likes to give viewers a shock to seep the movie more deeply.

I personally feel that Anushka Shetty as Devasena was way better in character portrayal than Tamannaah​. Perhaps the director wanted to keep it that way. She had a strong hold to her character, all through the movie. Her dialogue delivery did justice to her role in the movie. Liked her very very much.

Prabhas as Baahubali, needless to say, was a level up. Hot, sexy and that killing smile made him an instant darling. His acting and fighting sequences added more charm to his character. He is shown to be so so so strong, an unbelievable warrior, agile, clever, every mums dream son, sensitive, and a die-hard loyal to the famous ‘Maheshmati’ crown and truly a passionate lover. Phew that’s lots of good things, packed into one handsome package. It surely raises the temperature up a bit.

Rana Daggubati, such an uncanny name, is so adorable. He is such a sweetheart in real life. But the director has manged to make a true villain out of him. His vengeance, his jealousy and his hate is life like. He was never short of skills that made Baahubali so great. What his character lacked is true empathy for his people and his kingdom. He simply wants power, but doesn’t really care about aspirations of his kingdom. This is tragic and leads to his downfall, like in any other classical mythological drama.

Well Kattappa is Kattappa. It is strangely difficult to believe that such a man actually exits. But then he is right there to stay, till the very end. I am just happy…they kept him alive. I was afraid that a twist would take him away, but they thought it was better to keep him alive.

Songs, sounds and visuals were so uplifting. Your spirit suddenly sores high and you reverb with the music. Very traditional, yet echoing modern rhythm that you can actually associate with it.

In short…you should see this movie. Don’t wait for a free torrent or a free download. You won’t enjoy a pirated version like you will in a theater with all the perfect ambience and effects.

I consider it this Year’s Biggest Blockbuster