Rusting Away Your Memory!

It was a beautiful morning. The sky was blue, the birds sang and the fresh breeze flowed sweetly. I had just finished making a scrumptious breakfast for my family. 

Feeling elated at the days start I sat to peep through the morning news. Seeing me so well at ease my husband thought to nudge me playfully. He asked, “honey do you remember my mobile number”. Of course I do, I said. After all it has been so many years it must have been registered in my memory by now.

You see, that’s where I was wrong. At the spur of the moment I couldn’t recollect the number. I tried so hard to remember the number but sadly it didn’t quite come out. Blushed with embarrasment I gave him one of my innocent puppy look. He simply smirked and recited the number for me.

This made me think about how bad our memories have got. We have rusted the sharpness of our brain at the hands of technology. I am so used to my phone to dial my husband’s number that I have never made the effort to memorise it. 

And that’s bad not only because this is one number I should be having on my finger tips, but because I might find it handy in case something happens to my phone and I need to give him a call in emergency. 

I distinctly remember how my teacher never allowed us to use calculators to solves tough science and maths numericals. Then there were much better days when we had memorise lessons, tables, spellings, rythmes and so on.

And we memorised all of these things by heart. It was a such a great feeling to remember important dates and wish our friends on there special days. (Sighs) what glorious days were they!

But things have changed now. We are so dependent on technology that we need special reminders feeded into our smartphones to memorise our life’s important days and events. We need an autocorrect to check our spellings and grammar. Most of all we constantly  need Google to answer life’s intricate questions.

Our children need to learn to live without technology. Yes it is a boon but also a bane. We can’t let our memory power fade. Brain has enormous power, but it needs to be utilised. 

I have started believing in my memory and constantly challenge it. So that  it doesn’t dusts off in oblivion. You have to sharpen, brighten and lighten your memory – that to constantly to hone it. 

Let’s see how much I can achive. Atleast I will be able to answer my husband next time he asks for his mobile number. 


After a Haitus!

It has been a haitus, a huge haitus. But all this while I was busy with some of life’s most precious moments and couldn’t miss them for anything.       

I haven’t been able to keep the pace but I don’t regret it. I have learnt that in order to move forward sometimes you need to stop, look around, calculate your options and take a step back. 

You don’t step back because you got afraid of the things that lie ahead, but simply because you are taking your time to gain your momentum back. So the next step you take has all the acceleration to push you way ahead. 

This time has been a valuable addition to my life. During this time I have been blessed with some of the happiest and the darkest memories. The happy ones made me believe that – miracles do happen.

And the dark ones made me almost give up my life, not ending it but plunging me into the shadows of despair and hopelessness.

But had it not been for this time I wouldn’t have understood the importance of light, hope and joy. I couldn’t have understood how life unveils secret lessons for you. I couldn’t have understood how a true love can create magic. I couldn’t have known that there are Angels and God out there watching over you and planning an elaborate scene. I couldn’t have understood the real meaning of destiny. 

That’s all for today!

And perhaps it’s not to late to say a very Happy New Year!

Take a good rest! 

The feeling of having wings

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. She owned a little plant that she loved dearly. No matter what she did, the plant wouldn’t grow. She cared for it like a baby, sheltered it against wind, rain and sun. Kept the plant inside with her for the fear of animals eating it away.

But even with so much love, the tiny plant didn’t respond. “I love the plant like no other in the world, but look at it. It won’t show slightest response to any of my yearnings”, wondered the little girl. With a broken heart and little hope, the little girl kept the plant outside in the wind, rain and sun. With half the heart the little girl watered the plant every day, without fail.

Day after day, unnoticed from her eyes the plant began to blossom. First came the tiny shoot, then came the buds, then the green leaves and finally came a beautiful flower. After several mornings of watering the plant, the little girl came out to see the miracle she had little hope would never happen. With sparkling eyes, she ran like a wildfire to bring her grandfather out to see what she had achieved.

Seeing the infectious joy of the little girl, her grandfather took her in his arm and cradled her lovingly. Then he kept her down and explained, “you see little one, this is what happen when you give wings to life. Remember, the worst thing you can do to anyone – is to try controlling his life against his will. The plants grows best when nature takes it under its wings. It gives the plant the instincts to fight all odds and develops its understanding about life. When you tried to control it against the things you thought were bad for it, you unknowingly stopped it from breathing.”


To Paris, my sweet love!

An ode to Paris… …the city of lights, love, art, food and epitome for inspiration

My darling Paris,

I fell in love with you long before I ever saw you. Trust me, you have always stayed in my thoughts since the time I saw you on the postcard. Your charm had smitten me for life.

I was miles away, but never actually far. I was fortunate to meet you years later. I was excited and a bit nervous, but you greeted me with open arms. You humbly revealed the masterpiece that you are – a confluence where art meets aesthetics, romance meets passion, beauty meets fashion and creativity meets visualization.

I came twice to Paris and my love for you only grew more. This time, however, I was in Paris for work. The work during the day was hectic, but the evenings were refreshing with you.  A stroll through your cobbled lanes, wide boulevards and twisting streets showed me, very closely the Parisian ways. Oh, how flawlessly fashionable they are, the Parisian – meticulously dressed, sophisticatedly styled and flaunting the vogue haute couture. Fashion never allured me, but you taught me how elegant and beautiful it can be.

I know my heart belongs here. I saw the Eiffel tower and no matter where I stayed, it gazed right back at me. And also the mammoth Louvre Museum, the classic Notre-Dame cathedral, the stimulating Jardin du Luxembourg, Père Lachaise cemetery and much more, in my two visits. I walked the magnificent bridges across the River Seine and felt an inspiring calm.

I woke every morning to the warm waft of ‘boulangeries’ selling fresh bread, gulped sweet delights at ‘Pâtisseries’ and sometimes tasted cheese at the ‘fromageries’.  I know how well you serve the exquisite French food and wine.

I understand food and I love it too, but with you it’s different. Surely you have accepted my naiveté by now. I may be inept in understanding the subtle nuances of French cooking, which can honestly be dramatic sometimes. But I relish it, the way you have mastered natural flavours and devised them to dance on the taste buds. The flamboyant display of expert techniques by chefs and the way you express food. You speak of wine like it’s a love sonnet, filled with all the passion, quick wit and knowledge – melodiously poured down the crystal.

My adoration for you is boundless, but I fear the details might bore you. So I bid you a sweet goodbye until we meet again. You stay safe in my heart and reminiscences!

Au Revoir Paris!

Where is peace found?

Presuming an unsettled soul on earth,
I seek an answer to my restless quest.
Where is peace found?
A faint voice springs from the inner corners of my heart,
Peace is not where you see.
Not in the haunted corners of silent aisles,
Not in the temples of devotions,
Nor in the silence of an archive,
Nor in the beauty of early morning,
Nor in the deathly calm of darkest night.
Peace is where you never see,
Peace is in your heart…in your mind.
Peace is in the tranquillity of your inner self.
Peace is within you…!

A chronic fear of buying new shoes!

I love shoes that make me love life. It is often confusing for my friends to understand how there can be a connection between shoes and the love for life. But have you ever considered the fact that some shoes make you jump, walk and dance around.

For me it is a pair of simple, well designed, a little flat and soft soled shoes that do the magic. The awe of big brands never seduces me to buy them, though in the past I did committed this blunder. Instead, I dedicate an entire day…imagine that –an entire day – to buy a perfect pair of shoe that will make me want to walk – even if it means going to a little corner shop. I don’t mind that at all.

With time I have honed the skill of buying that perfect pair of shoes. Truth is…I find it utterly horrid to go on a day’s hunt to find that perfect pair of shoes. At the same time it terribly annoys me. I cringe to near a day when my pair of perfect shoes begins to wither and I know I have to buy them at any cost.

Just forgive…

It so happens in life that you commit the same mistake more than once. Not because you wanted to, or you were careless, or you did it intentionally. Nobody likes to commit the same mistake again, not even me. But when such a situation happens, things become unexplainable. No words, no explanation…no amount of deliberation can help you then.

I faced this situation once. My eyes rounded, heart palpitations galloped and a complete blackout came over. It was just that I didn’t fall down of shock, which was immense. I was over cautious this time, how did things slip off my hands to scattered everything.

It is said (Lamhon Ne Khata Ki Thi SadiYon Ne Saza Paai) – A moment’s mistake that made centuries bear the punishment

All these thoughts ran through my head. But a mistake is mistake. Sometimes they are never forgiven, not even once…and we are talking about it being my third time.

Third time I failed in keeping my guards…how could this happen. It was so excruciating and I kept rewinding the whole incidence to figure where the folly started. But if rewinding and going back into time could help, life would have been a very pleasant thing.

I think now, had someone, somewhere tried understanding my situation they would know I wasn’t wrong. I was ashamed and knew I had committed a mistake. Had someone peeped into my heart and seen how it bled with remorse…they would have known how sincerely sorry I was.

None did, and I had to bear the whole brunt. But why this insensitivity…why not understand others person’s point and forgive, even if it’s the third time. When a person is pleading and already buried under the burden of his mistake, why make things more difficult for him.

Forgive, let go and move on! Forgiveness is the biggest thing you can give to a person and his biggest punishment.

A person so sincerely sorry for his wrongdoings, hopefully doesn’t repeat it a fourth time. And if he does, time will definitely punish him.