Where is peace found?

Presuming an unsettled soul on earth,
I seek an answer to my restless quest.
Where is peace found?
A faint voice springs from the inner corners of my heart,
Peace is not where you see.
Not in the haunted corners of silent aisles,
Not in the temples of devotions,
Nor in the silence of an archive,
Nor in the beauty of early morning,
Nor in the deathly calm of darkest night.
Peace is where you never see,
Peace is in your heart…in your mind.
Peace is in the tranquillity of your inner self.
Peace is within you…!


Pray !!!


Morosely sitting by the window sill, I gaped into the empty sky
Waiting for it to answer my plea
But seems like the heaven is busy, thinking,
Something extra ordinary for me

Some joys I have shared, some hopes I rely

But the veil of future is so murky, but why?
Understand the signs prominent and pertinent
Is just a gamble I seem to ply

So uncouth were my ways to life
Makes me nowhere to redemption, but why?
Just when the light seems to show bright
Partaking is not easy with hands bound so tight

My salvation is Pray, Pray and to Pray
Just a little stronger day by day
Believe in God, my salvation
His blessing my redemption