After a Haitus!

It has been a haitus, a huge haitus. But all this while I was busy with some of life’s most precious moments and couldn’t miss them for anything.       

I haven’t been able to keep the pace but I don’t regret it. I have learnt that in order to move forward sometimes you need to stop, look around, calculate your options and take a step back. 

You don’t step back because you got afraid of the things that lie ahead, but simply because you are taking your time to gain your momentum back. So the next step you take has all the acceleration to push you way ahead. 

This time has been a valuable addition to my life. During this time I have been blessed with some of the happiest and the darkest memories. The happy ones made me believe that – miracles do happen.

And the dark ones made me almost give up my life, not ending it but plunging me into the shadows of despair and hopelessness.

But had it not been for this time I wouldn’t have understood the importance of light, hope and joy. I couldn’t have understood how life unveils secret lessons for you. I couldn’t have understood how a true love can create magic. I couldn’t have known that there are Angels and God out there watching over you and planning an elaborate scene. I couldn’t have understood the real meaning of destiny. 

That’s all for today!

And perhaps it’s not to late to say a very Happy New Year!

Take a good rest! 

Your kind words will be appreciated.

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