The feeling of having wings

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. She owned a little plant that she loved dearly. No matter what she did, the plant wouldn’t grow. She cared for it like a baby, sheltered it against wind, rain and sun. Kept the plant inside with her for the fear of animals eating it away.

But even with so much love, the tiny plant didn’t respond. “I love the plant like no other in the world, but look at it. It won’t show slightest response to any of my yearnings”, wondered the little girl. With a broken heart and little hope, the little girl kept the plant outside in the wind, rain and sun. With half the heart the little girl watered the plant every day, without fail.

Day after day, unnoticed from her eyes the plant began to blossom. First came the tiny shoot, then came the buds, then the green leaves and finally came a beautiful flower. After several mornings of watering the plant, the little girl came out to see the miracle she had little hope would never happen. With sparkling eyes, she ran like a wildfire to bring her grandfather out to see what she had achieved.

Seeing the infectious joy of the little girl, her grandfather took her in his arm and cradled her lovingly. Then he kept her down and explained, “you see little one, this is what happen when you give wings to life. Remember, the worst thing you can do to anyone – is to try controlling his life against his will. The plants grows best when nature takes it under its wings. It gives the plant the instincts to fight all odds and develops its understanding about life. When you tried to control it against the things you thought were bad for it, you unknowingly stopped it from breathing.”

Your kind words will be appreciated.

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