To Paris, my sweet love!

An ode to Paris… …the city of lights, love, art, food and epitome for inspiration

My darling Paris,

I fell in love with you long before I ever saw you. Trust me, you have always stayed in my thoughts since the time I saw you on the postcard. Your charm had smitten me for life.

I was miles away, but never actually far. I was fortunate to meet you years later. I was excited and a bit nervous, but you greeted me with open arms. You humbly revealed the masterpiece that you are – a confluence where art meets aesthetics, romance meets passion, beauty meets fashion and creativity meets visualization.

I came twice to Paris and my love for you only grew more. This time, however, I was in Paris for work. The work during the day was hectic, but the evenings were refreshing with you.  A stroll through your cobbled lanes, wide boulevards and twisting streets showed me, very closely the Parisian ways. Oh, how flawlessly fashionable they are, the Parisian – meticulously dressed, sophisticatedly styled and flaunting the vogue haute couture. Fashion never allured me, but you taught me how elegant and beautiful it can be.

I know my heart belongs here. I saw the Eiffel tower and no matter where I stayed, it gazed right back at me. And also the mammoth Louvre Museum, the classic Notre-Dame cathedral, the stimulating Jardin du Luxembourg, Père Lachaise cemetery and much more, in my two visits. I walked the magnificent bridges across the River Seine and felt an inspiring calm.

I woke every morning to the warm waft of ‘boulangeries’ selling fresh bread, gulped sweet delights at ‘Pâtisseries’ and sometimes tasted cheese at the ‘fromageries’.  I know how well you serve the exquisite French food and wine.

I understand food and I love it too, but with you it’s different. Surely you have accepted my naiveté by now. I may be inept in understanding the subtle nuances of French cooking, which can honestly be dramatic sometimes. But I relish it, the way you have mastered natural flavours and devised them to dance on the taste buds. The flamboyant display of expert techniques by chefs and the way you express food. You speak of wine like it’s a love sonnet, filled with all the passion, quick wit and knowledge – melodiously poured down the crystal.

My adoration for you is boundless, but I fear the details might bore you. So I bid you a sweet goodbye until we meet again. You stay safe in my heart and reminiscences!

Au Revoir Paris!

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