A chronic fear of buying new shoes!

I love shoes that make me love life. It is often confusing for my friends to understand how there can be a connection between shoes and the love for life. But have you ever considered the fact that some shoes make you jump, walk and dance around.

For me it is a pair of simple, well designed, a little flat and soft soled shoes that do the magic. The awe of big brands never seduces me to buy them, though in the past I did committed this blunder. Instead, I dedicate an entire day…imagine that –an entire day – to buy a perfect pair of shoe that will make me want to walk – even if it means going to a little corner shop. I don’t mind that at all.

With time I have honed the skill of buying that perfect pair of shoes. Truth is…I find it utterly horrid to go on a day’s hunt to find that perfect pair of shoes. At the same time it terribly annoys me. I cringe to near a day when my pair of perfect shoes begins to wither and I know I have to buy them at any cost.


Your kind words will be appreciated.

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