Just forgive…

It so happens in life that you commit the same mistake more than once. Not because you wanted to, or you were careless, or you did it intentionally. Nobody likes to commit the same mistake again, not even me. But when such a situation happens, things become unexplainable. No words, no explanation…no amount of deliberation can help you then.

I faced this situation once. My eyes rounded, heart palpitations galloped and a complete blackout came over. It was just that I didn’t fall down of shock, which was immense. I was over cautious this time, how did things slip off my hands to scattered everything.

It is said (Lamhon Ne Khata Ki Thi SadiYon Ne Saza Paai) – A moment’s mistake that made centuries bear the punishment

All these thoughts ran through my head. But a mistake is mistake. Sometimes they are never forgiven, not even once…and we are talking about it being my third time.

Third time I failed in keeping my guards…how could this happen. It was so excruciating and I kept rewinding the whole incidence to figure where the folly started. But if rewinding and going back into time could help, life would have been a very pleasant thing.

I think now, had someone, somewhere tried understanding my situation they would know I wasn’t wrong. I was ashamed and knew I had committed a mistake. Had someone peeped into my heart and seen how it bled with remorse…they would have known how sincerely sorry I was.

None did, and I had to bear the whole brunt. But why this insensitivity…why not understand others person’s point and forgive, even if it’s the third time. When a person is pleading and already buried under the burden of his mistake, why make things more difficult for him.

Forgive, let go and move on! Forgiveness is the biggest thing you can give to a person and his biggest punishment.

A person so sincerely sorry for his wrongdoings, hopefully doesn’t repeat it a fourth time. And if he does, time will definitely punish him.



Your kind words will be appreciated.

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