Recognition is not always entirely yours

We all like recognition…a little bit of praise…all the ohs and the ahhs. There is no denying the fact that our ears crave for good words about our work, about ourselves and everything about us.  We might even fish them out sometimes :). We are all in tussle to get all the credit to ourselves and only ourselves.

But it is never right. The credit of doing, creating or inventing is never a single work. If you recount:

Every second something conspires to inspire

A while back, I was really engrossed in writing something particularly fancy. At least I thought it to be.  After all – my passion, concentration and creativity went into it.  But to my dismay that piece had gone astray. It had become bigger than my imagination. I could not curb the write-up into what I originally intended it to be.

Just then a bird came on my windowsill, chirped a while and flew sky high. That’s when an idea struck me and fanned my inspiration to work on the right path. I was finally able to chisel the write-up into what it should have been.

So the credit of being a ‘doer’ in this case goes to the bird and not me.  How we elaborate an idea is our prerogative. But it is also important to acknowledge the inspiration that lead to it.

I believe:

Newton’s discovery had a co-partner – The Apple

The search of spice inspired Columbus to discover America

A dream decoded the structure of Benzene…..and so forth.

We also need to develop the courage to acknowledge the bad. How many times a rude remark and a disgruntled scold lead you to work hard? Criticism sometimes inspires you like nothing else does because;

He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.


2 thoughts on “Recognition is not always entirely yours

  1. I love the way you write.
    You actually develop the ideas throughout the story which I especially enjoyed. There are just too many writers who just jot down what they wanted to say – without turning point, possible distractions, or something like that.
    Your train of thought is also interesting. I enjoyed reading it. Become a good writer – I believe you already are

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