Oh Media!

It is baffling and I haven’t found an answer.

If media, specifically news channels questions everyone, who then questions them? If media is a watchdog, who then trains them? If media is the fourth pillar of democracy, who then forms its foundation?

One moment they are for a man, the other moment against the very man. Where is that unbiased, well researched ‘jurno’. What I see and hear every day is superficial, devoid of substance and biased. I get more depth in editorial columns of a newspaper than by investing  time in ‘debate hours’ on television.

Debates that cringe head, furrow your eyebrows and palpitate your heart. Why? Just because the news anchor is too busy making points, forgetting that panel of people on-board need time to answer. Then there is one person among eminent panel that neither allows other people, nor the poor anchor to speak. Then there are ads, fair enough – even new channels need to make money. If then you get one or two points made – the anchors warps the programs with “I would now like to take the points of Mr. abc and ask him to please conclude that discussion as the time is almost up.”

Each person is ticked with a 2 minutes slot. ‘Ding’– your time’s up. ‘Ding’ – the clock’s ticking, please wrap up. How can anyone make a point clear in a 2 minute time frame? I have attended debates in school and they were my foundation to learn about ideals and cross question my reasons. I have since believed debates happen the civil way; the rebuttals are a bit heated. It all shattered from the time I saw debate hours. Frankly speaking no one is making point. All you have is a confused audience whose blood was boiled…and simply left to cool off on its own. They are all arguments in disguise of a debate.

I am a layman, a simple 9 to 5, better said 8 to 8 person. I toil whole day so that I can be back home, enjoy my moments with family and eat wholesome food to get rejuvenated for the next day. Television for me is a means of resting and entertaining my mind, which I assume is typically fried with the daily grind. It is unlikely for me to reason with anyone based on the opinions tossed so causally by panellists, interviewees or the presenters on the news.

My blood will only boil when I am convinced beyond doubt with proper reasons. And this doesn’t happen every day by the way. My doctor has categorically asked me to avoid ‘debate hours’. He says they are fatal for my heart’s health 🙂 !


Your kind words will be appreciated.

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