Cajoling Opinions To Work For Good

Opinions, otherwise given are rogue slayers of your actions. They are every bit of hindrance to anybody’s thoughts or actions. Aren’t they? Apparently, it might be a blunt audacity to ignore opinions. But somewhere deep down your heart quickly wants to respond “it would be better if you keep your opinions to yourself.”

But…there is a big clause. Sometimes you need to keep your iron heavy ego aside, make it light as a feather or sink it deep in ocean, listen to what opinions other hold or give, and then consider your actions. It hurts seriously bad, is lethal like a tiny paper cut and oozes blackest venom.

Opinions good or bad are thoughts that cause friction. When friction arises things start to transform – some gain momentum, some evolve, some leap forward and some change completely. But the end result is mostly good and works for the better.

Then again there is a caution to watch – the way your intellect handles opinions. Sometimes opinions are generated by lack of facts, lack of understanding for others, jealousy, intention to harm etc.  Your mind and intellect should be able to filter such opinions and throw them right away.

Life’s got many rules and one rule says…master the art of learning from the good and the bad.


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