I Searched For Happiness

To be #moreprecise before you read, it is not a poem though it may sound like one :).

It was so…..

I searched happiness in things I was made to believe are important in life.
But it did not work exactly the way I thought.

I searched happiness in money. It bought me most of the things, but not a single glint of happiness.

I searched happiness in dreaminess. It brought me the deadliest curses of all.

I searched happiness in loneliness. It brought me darkest of the nights.

I searched happiness in comradeship. It brought me laughter, but in splinters of moments.

I searched happiness in peace and got a moment to think.

Happiness is indeed in harmony that you find inside. You are happy when you know you are happy. You can’t search happiness; you have to pursue it inside your heart, body and soul.


4 thoughts on “I Searched For Happiness

  1. Happiness may not be found in the places you describe, but it sounds as if you found sadness from disappointment or, maybe, from the absence of each thing. It’s as if sadness is easier to find than happiness.

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