She Is A Puzzle!

Women have been a puzzle for most, if not all. Centuries after centuries tryst to understand them have only heaped more confusion. And, if you dare to challenge woman’s instincts, you’ll find yourself even more baffled. In truth it wasn’t supposed to be a mystery at all. Women were simple and they had very simple needs. It must have got entangled somewhere in between, when ‘man’ became meaner and tried subjecting women to their will.

I really don’t want this post to create a fissure or some kind of bias among gender. I believe in harmony and equality. It is important to understand that one completes the other, so both become irrevocably, inseparable.

But out of the two, woman poses a bigger mystery. And, why would that be? I think she has tolerated a lot, more patiently than you think. All the idiosyncrasies, ill-will, anguish, suffering, social restrictions…..and list might never end.  The extent of violence has been cynically abrasive and wouldn’t justify through any arguments if given.

Yet, she never left her patience and giving nature. When I hear people say “I don’t understand women” it really doesn’t make any sense to me. Well, did you make an effort to understand her?  Did you try and talk things with her? It is odd when women’s acumen to comprehend things is questioned. No…no, it is not the case. Most of the time woman’s way of understand thing is deeper and subtler. You will have to try comprehending and believing in her capabilities.       

Woman is not a puzzle, nor her desires that intricate!

All she wants is:

Love – Being cherished for who she is and being understood.

Care – Warmth and protection

Affection – Being accepted and appreciated for what she does.  Woman definitely makes life a heaven.


Freedom – Don’t chain her both physically and mentally. Even she likes to wander and taste fresh air as it is.

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8 thoughts on “She Is A Puzzle!

  1. My dear, what sets us apart is the simple fact that we’re opposites… men’s minds are very pin-point focused, and when a woman walks into a room she sees everything at once and is able to instantly pick out what is out of place. THERE IS NO GREATER OPPOSITE. How we communicate, how we share a need… how do we slow down and communicate in a way that we can connect without blame?
    I did a post that looks at the power that can be gained, when a person supports both masculine and feminine qualities in themselves. It’s called Inner Harmony by Balance of the Sexes.

  2. I think, more correctly stated would be “She Is a Puzzle (to moste males). Why is it that women understand and are more tolerant with women and men are so confused by them?
    I think a lot of men are so focused on themselves that they just don’t take the time to try to understand the gentler gender. It’s just easier to be macho. Life just becomes much easier for both sexes when they give each other equal time.

  3. Not so long ago there were natural rolls of the masculine and feminine and they were simple. Today, because of lust and unbalanced power we have distorted that natural order, and the dysfunction we’re seeing today is a result of that. Women raising kids, cooking meals and cleaning house should be seen as equal to men and their roll outside of the home. Some women are not good at domestic tasks, and are better suited for intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Still, there is a balance between the two, and it can be seen metaphysical or physical. In either case it is a simple path, because the more complicated we make a situation, the more fragile it becomes.

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