The Dark Night Of Promises

It was a dark night, darker than any other night Rebekah had ever walked in. It was raining hard, with deep thundering and unusually feisty lightening. Being in the ditch of darkness on a cold, winter’s night, that too alone wasn’t at all a good feeling for Rebekah. She was obscenely late from office today.

“What not a soul on street”, Rebekah thought. She looked back and stretched her sight to the distant, but could see no human existence. “This is not good no…no…no. I have a good 15 minutes walk and no seem to be around.” As she rumbled these thoughts she reached the crossroads, the way was getting lonelier now. She looked back and didn’t seem to see anyone coming. Determined and exhausted by her day’s work, she decided to plunge into the dark and leave rest on fate.

The winds whistled lightly at first, but grew into howls after a while. A gush of wind was about to take her umbrella rolling back but she managed to cling on to it.

The winds whistled lightly at first, but grew into howls after a while
The winds whistled lightly at first, but grew into howls after a while.

Rebekah saw something moving in the dark. It was like her worst nightmares were going to come true. “A stalker, kidnapper, thief or…….” her thoughts drowned as the silhouette of man started coming closer and closer. He had something in his hand, something very big. She started running, in just 5 more minutes she would have reached her apartment. But what came next changed her life forever.

Standing in front of her was her long lost love. Rebekah’s eyes stunned and her whole body went numb. Drake (her long lost love) had never known she was madly in love with him all through high school. Even today she felt that ache in her heart every day. Rebekah had always wanted to hint, if not tell him about her feelings. And, now there he was, she was so happy to simply see him with what – a bouquet, that too full of red roses with hints of yellow roses.  In his other has was a basket full of her favorite chocolates.

Drake had gone to office to take her out, but found her gone. He had followed her home. This felt like heaven, Rebekah didn’t believe her luck. Drake had never suggested he liked her all through her high school. But there he was with sparkly black eyes and a youthful smile.  “Rebekah”, Drake said, “I wanted to tell you this from the first time I saw you. You have been special and it took me almost 4 years to gain the confidence to tell you this. After a long silence he managed to say – I love you. Will you marry me?  Rebekah’s watery eyes said it all and rest is happily ever after.

Wanted an evil twist to this story…lol :), but its Chocolate Day couldn’t do that. Happy Chocolate Day to all !

Happy Chocolate Day!
Happy Chocolate Day!

That’s how she knows that you love her…..

[Credit for all Images: Google Images]

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