Eternity Of Love Lasts, But Not Our Feelings

For past few days I have been wondering- What’s Love? Silly, and too cliched a question, but everyone once in life asks himself/herself this question. No, I am not in love, though I would love to be. The question just occurred, I am so called writer after all 😉

When you try answering this question it’s all bizarre and dreamy concepts that start coming up. But in essence true love is a bond that doesn’t break. The more you break it, the stronger it gets. The more you run, the closer it comes. The more you shun it, the more it flairs.


Though, I am no dictate on ‘Romantic Love’, but I don’t agree with facts like:

  • Love happens once or;
  • Your first love is best love or;
  • You are lucky if your first love is your last love….and so on

Love is a simple emotion which has been made overly complex. You don’t have to be too thoughtful to be in love. If you are, then it’s seldom love. On the contrary, that also doesn’t imply you need to be blind in love.

It is ironic when love seizes to exit between two people. That just can’t be because you were either playing with your emotions or didn’t understand being in Love. It is an indelible feeling which is not meant to evaporate into thin air, just like that. And, ‘nature’ ensured it to be that way.

So why doesn’t eternity of love last forever (in most cases). I figure it this way:

We can subdue our feelings and reasons, and rush to the seemingly greener pastures. Love comes with the same irony. It tends to make us superfluous and dipped in emotions – for the moment. But when that moment is lost, which can, by the way last for days, weeks and even years – we tend to move on. Not talking about infatuations, but love, what it actually was.

The problem also lies in our perception of love. While it matures, our perception about it stays the same. We want the same warm, fuzzy feeling that we get when cupid hits us for the first time – every time. But eventually, everything matures or we can say evolves. Love, too evolves and we are not just ready to accept it.

Though there are many intricacies, but if you keep sticking to your love roots, you’ll never face these issues. You need to be content with your choice and keep sieving your reasons. They tend to clutter with time. Try seeing what is better in your partner. It was the thing that made you drool over him/her and love them above life. If it has rusted with time, try evoking it.  And remember the pastures are always greener on the other side, but the dangers are equally gripping.

14 thoughts on “Eternity Of Love Lasts, But Not Our Feelings

  1. Well written thought about love. Let me ask you a question, maybe you will be in a position to help me find an answer. I am in a long-distance relationship with a man for the last 4 years 3 months. We had lot of hiccups in our relationship – sometimes because of our family members and at times it was because of the difference of opinions. I love him crazily and am fine to stay in a long-distance relationship forever as he cannot marry me because of his family pressure. I tried looking for another men (I am being very honest!) because I always wanted to marry and have a family. But later I found out that I compare every man with him and find him better than all of them. Now he says, he doesn’t feel the same strong vibes for me, though he loves me too. But now I am in this dilemma whether to move on or still wait and wait and wait for him…. Please it would be a great help if you could advice me something on this…

    1. I am so glad you like it. Like I said, I am no dictate on love, but I will try answering your dilemma. Sometimes you need to let go in love. It is a mutual feeling and needs to be fulfilling for both. If love is not reciprocated with the same intensity, it stretches your limit. You said you would love to get married and have a family. It is a wonderful dream! You should not give it up. The man you love is not courageous to pursue it nor feels the same – it is his take. Try forgetting him and giving new relationship a chance. See better and clear in your new relationship. Life doesn’t stop and love never seizes to exit, but it needs to be transformed. Your life is precious. Years of wait and lingering relationship can leave you unsatisfied. Turn a new leaf in your life and give fresh start a willing chance.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks a lot… you helped me clearing the clouds.. you cannot imagine the amount of stress and depression I am going through because of this limbo state. Yes I want to move ahead and make a fresh start and hopefully love will find my door again…

  2. Hello ‘Aura,
    It’s my first visit to your site and it’s been very intriguing. I like the depth and honesty with which you write. Your comments on love are interesting. Personally I separate “in love” from “loving”. For me “in love” has connotations of warm fuzzy feelings, cute behaviors, and all the other cliche things that lead up to and include lust. Love (loving) to me has more of a permanance that is very long term, no matter what conditions might prevail against it. It has the acceptance that there will be difficulties, disagreements, and problems, but these are overshadowed and overcome by the deeper relationship of love. “In love”, is much more shallow and exemplified in the emotional turmoil of teens and young adults. I’m no expert on the matter. These are just my viewpoints.
    You have a really nice blog.
    Best to you,

      1. It confuses me too…, that’s where trust comes into play. Real, honest love happens easily between those who have an unshakeable deep trust in each other. Otherwise, as you say, it quickly becomes confusing. i relate it to building a house…, if the foundation isn’t strong, and the framing correct, the house won’t last long. Peace,

  3. To me real love is God. So when I look at you and say “I love you”, what’s happening is my god-self is in love with your god-self… the god within you. If I where to step down from there, I would say love is clarity of thought. It’s that place beyond romantic love, beyond attraction, beyond time… it comes from the still waters of a quiet mind, comes from a place that has no contrary… it simply IS.
    From this love there are no games to play, no hidden agendas, far less ego, no secrets, and no miss communications. It’s very transparent, flexible, playful, intimate, intuitive, healing… carefully designed by those involved.
    Daring to be different and following the paths less traveled… blessings be along the paths you follow.

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