It’s Wrong To Have Soft Heart

I have observed it many times that a soft heart always puts you into trouble. It is more so because human nature is utterly complex and the understanding differs from person to person. This chagrins me because when your intentions are pure and innocently to help someone, they will mistake it to be your weakness. Most of the time people around consider you a fool and serious idiot only because you wanted to be human.

Soft Heart
Remember, there is light inside everybody 🙂

As humans we always have a choice. We have the wisdom to see through good and bad. It is just that the understanding we gain from the time we are born to time we live, overpowers our judgement.

I am humble about my knowledge and may not be wise enough to delve into human nature and its complexity. But I believe that human nature begins with understanding of minuscule things around. This will give them the capability to understand bigger values, emotions and intentions.

Getting back to today’s topic. Alas, a utopian concept never exists, nor will it ever. But it crushes me because people around you with their seemingly limited humanity, force your heart into a stone. This ruins the development, beliefs and goodness we so desperately want to see in us – ‘humans’.

As a petite thinker in the world of thought moguls, I never like to pose a problem unless I haven’t thought of a solution. Even after recklessly going through the ‘soft-hard-soft’ heart phase, I believe it is the faith and hope in humanity that has kept me within realm of humanity. It is the past experiences and the future contemplations that make me think we’ll pull through. All you need to do is go inside and think. Think it over and over again to get an answer from inside. Deep down, no matter how inhumane we appear outside, there is a light which is always positive and a ‘soft heart’ 🙂

And guess what..the moment I posted this post, I stumbled on this :-


7 thoughts on “It’s Wrong To Have Soft Heart

    1. Thanks a ton for your kind words. I agree ‘Negative lead to bad places’. Nothing better happens with negativity. Kindness spreads from one person to another while negativity shrinks to its epicenter.

  1. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    A loving kind soul and sensitive heart denotes strength and others who are strong can see this. Continue to shine your light for those who are not as strong as you, be the lovely beacon that you are.

  2. We need more people with soft hearts in the world anyway, not hardened hearts. I don’t believe we need to be teaching kid to harden themselves, because those are the ones who grow up with limited humanity.

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