It’s Not A Secret Anymore !!

A secret remains a secret if it’s locked in your heart and parted with none. The moment you unlock your heart, the cat is out of the bag. I find something funny about the line, “Hush, this is a secret, please don’t tell it anyone.” Well I won’t, but what about you folks.

Knowing a secret comes with the pleasure of gratifying curiosity. A weakening human trait and always quipped as, ‘Curiosity is the first sin’. It is, in fact curiosity is the first sin and we are sinners each day.  What do you think makes – gossips, tabloids, cheap journalism and paparazzi flourish? Something in us keeps bubbling unless and until we don’t know the length and breadth of any secret.

Shush - It's A Secret
Dam! It was meant to be a secret

Little do we release that letting a secrets spill like this can be a big torture to other person. He or she while telling a secret is pretty sure about making you a confidant. But all we end up doing is spreading it like a wild fire.

Keeping a secret is a rare quality. I have hardly ever come across people who can manage to do that. Letting a secret means you are entrusting someone. Often your trust gets broken – heartrending.

On a more personal note, I have tasted my share of curiosities, have often been tempted to gossip…and it is quite a filling experience :). However, I am not a kind of person who’ll spread a secret.

I was thinking, if we could have a life with no secrets. How would it be? Definitely one that is less spicy, making you bland and uninterested.  But at the same time more peaceful, with lesser worries and nothing that you need to share. Pity! We can’t have it this way.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not A Secret Anymore !!

  1. I like this post for its realness. A life without secrets would be so good. Unfortunately, we’ll never have such a world.

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