Let Your Inner Turmoil Rest…..

Storms never warn! They come, shock us and leave turmoil behind. Lucky ones escape, but not always. Nature reflects in us and that is why the internal storms mirror the same effect. One thing about internal storms –You can always and I mean always fight them!

I think about people around me, each one of them, no matter how aloof they are from my life. All come each day to perform their duties, but you never know what storm goes inside them.

Internal Storm

Perhaps the incident this morning made me write this post after a long break. The public transport usually remains packed in morning. It is a fight to secure a seat and bigger fight to atleast make a space to stand. It is part and parcel of any busy business morning – so no cribbing about it.

One of the passengers (I’ll call him The Man), a rather nasty one, was in a terrible mood. My observation tells me he was late for a very important meeting or something. The crowded bus, traffic jam and time constraint were seriously infuriating him. I can understand the amount stress he was facing at that point. Just one spark was needed to ignite the already burning cauldron.

That spark was a just a simple query which would be a casual remark on normal day. The conductor asked him for some change, because he was out of it. Just this and The Man levied a series of this and that on him.

But now comes the effect of such brawls…I call it the chain effect. The conductor just remarked once, but that man did not stop. It seemed he wanted to throw all his frustration on the conductor. This was unbearable for conductor now and so started the battle pouring in more people. Well the fight ended with little babbles from The Man and more babbles from the conductor.

If The Man had let his internal storm rest, nothing would have disturbed the peace of a perfect morning. Well this seldom happens, humans like to put the onus of anything wrong in their life on others. Not a genuine move, if it’s your fault.

But at the ground level it is patience that we lack. If we can forcibly cultivate this quality our internal storms will reflect less in nature……!!!!


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