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To be honest, I’ve never understood the fuss that’s made over some startups’ swanky offices. So when I saw the photos of Yelp’s fancy new offices, I was cynical. All the same, the cube farm image Dawn used in a recent post (by Mark Sebastian) makes me want to scream.

How important are nice offices to you? Do office conditions factor into your choice of employer?

For those of us who work remotely, things are pretty clear-cut. We can have whatever we like in our offices, within the constraints provided by our home and budget. If I want bespoke wallpaper, reproduction Danish design-artifact furniture, and custom-designed LED lighting, I can have it … but I’m more likely to spend the money on a holiday.

But if you’re working on site, the office matters. If I’m going to commit to sitting in a room at someone else’s direction for…

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