Book, Books and Some More Books !!

Books are definitely best friend. They are really faithful and stick to you. I love to read, though now work keeps me a bit busy. But there was once a time when I used to gobble 1 book in 2-3 days. I remember my journey right fromย  buying a book to shuffling through its last page. It is one hell of feeling something which I describe like this

1. Pulling all your wits to select a book

Scanning the entire rack of bookstore – just to find a right book ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Priceless expressions when you come across the right oneย 

You finally got what you wanted

3. You are eager to delve and tousle through the book. You want to feast on every bit of it.

Eager to read the book!!!

4. You just can’t stop reading, as you are in the ditch of climax. You can’t have a single morsel until you don’t what becomes of the protagonist.

This is the intense reading phase.

5. You have just finished reading your book, yaaaaay…yieeepy. One thing I usually get after finishing a book is a sad feeling. I live and sleep by my book during this journey. I usually begin to associate with it. I have one thing permanent during this time and that sticks with me -my book. Once it’s finished, I know I’ll have to undergo this cycle again. But one thing that book gifts me for life -knowledge. And I know, knowledge is power. Each time I finish a book I become powerful. So love books. Love a good read. Become powerful each day.

For me a finished book brings a pinch of lingering sadness

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