Me,The Grasshopper!

I have a genuine problem concentrating on things. You see, when you are young, I mean very young, nobody questions whether you are organized or not. But as you grow, things get really frantic if you can’t slice your time right and mange it properly.

Nonetheless, for a person who is struggling concentrating on things and nagged all the time for this is usually facing a hard time. Once my father said, “expressionist you have a grasshopper’s mind” (in an angered and shrill tone) :(. I was struck and stunned for a moment. Then slowly I gathered my wits and manged to reply him back, “Sorry dad, I’ll try to improve”. Though I have been able to come out of this habit, occasional bouts still persist. And this is also the biggest reason why I manage to write just one post in a month.

Figuratively:  Those who are unable to keep a single subject in focus but keep bringing in inappropriate associations (hopping from one thing to another) are said to have a grasshopper mind’. [Source Wikipedia].


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