Hope – Ebbs and Rises

Fragmented into thin lines, you’ll find hoping to be insanely difficult. What could be more difficult than “hoping against hope”? It is more challenging to hope again, once you lose it. A very characteristic example to explain this, sources itself from the movie Cast Away. It had a classic plot, excellent direction and of course no words can praise Tom Hanks, the protagonist as Chuck Noland for his acting.

In the latter half of the movie you would find Tom Hanks with a character ‘Wilson’, which is none other than a football he personifies as his friend. He shares his joy, arguments and hopes with Wilson, for that matter he plans to escape from island with him. But Wilson’s significance as hope is ushered when Chuck Noland loses it at the hands of high waves on his way to escape. After losing Wilson, Chuck Noland gives up all hope, though he does get rescued later.

You see, Wilson was his hope, till the time he was connected to it he was hopeful, and full of courage. The moment it left Chuck Noland, he ended his efforts there and then.

One fact about hope you’ll find intriguing is the “more you hope it could come, is when you’ll find it losing” and “once you have lost it all, is when it comes back to you.”  So never give up, importantly never give up hoping. Even after you have no reasons to hope, you still have some hope left.

 Reasons to hope & why you should pursue it

Hope: –

Signifies life – You are breathing, you’re alive and that makes anything possible. Hope never dies, nor does it let you die. So hope, and let it help you swim through the rough tides. Keep in mind that hope brings more meaning to life than you ever thought there was.

Gives you reasons to move forward – Hope is characterized by optimism and positivity! Remember, there are times in life when you are blue, depressed and stressed. It is an easy option to dive into hopelessness, but that leaves all doors closed for you. If you can figure out the hope that is always there, you open plenty of doors for yourself.

Gives courage – That’s exactly what hope teaches. It takes a lot of courage and brave heart to hope, more when it seems daunting to do. Cowards give up, but brave say “My best is yet to come”. So hope to be more courageous, more positive of present and future.

Indicates Almighty’s Will – Even if you are an agonistic or atheist, you do believe in universal will or self belief. Don’t you? There is always a second chance. Just rise to the occasion, think! and think a bit harder. Prove your self and you’ll see how hoping that bit makes light appear into your life.

And, a believer of God never gives up hoping, because God is an embodiment of hope itself. There are numerous examples of people who did that and they succeeded. The fact is that whoever rose from the depths of doom and despair, hoping, was always victorious.

Makes You Learn – Life is patterned into crest and troughs, adversities teaches you lessons and hope lets you remember them.  All you need is changing your way of seeing a situation. Typically explained by a half filled glass – It is not necessary that a glass is half empty; it can also be half filled.

“Every cloud has sliver lining” and it comes in front of the darkest clouds. So hope, it gives more motives and dimensions to your life.


2 thoughts on “Hope – Ebbs and Rises

  1. Nice!! This is a very inspiring post! I’d like to add one thing, if I may? You say “It is more challenging to hope again, once you lose it.” I’d argue that one NEVER loses hope they only lose the drive to see it. Deep down we all have hope but some of us just choose to not let it enter into their active thoughts. So, I don’t think we disagree at all and I think you have given some great reasons for keeping it in mind throughout our lives. I leave you with a Jerry Garcia quote that I find fitting to the discussion, in a weird way.

    “The shoe on the hand that fits, there’s really nothin’ much to it
    Whistle through your teeth and spit, ’cause it’s all right
    Oh well a touch of grey, kinda suits you anyway,
    That is all I had to say, if it’s all right
    I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will survive.”

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