Live Life Brim Full

Our life is shackled by many visible and invisible bonds.  “Bond” here doesn’t signify just the human relations; it is anything that keeps you bound. These visible bonds, they are known but the invisible ones are hard to notice and strain you completely.

One more thing these invisible bonds do, they just sap the very life from your years. Yes, all the broodings, thoughtless thinking, agony, frustration and stress are no way rewarding. All you did – wasted a brilliant moment from your life.

So rather than creating apathy for yourself and digging into darkness – it is time to stand straight, breath a bit harder, chest out and see brighter side of things.

Living life is an art, which we seldom learn to paint. And if we do, the colors are often darker and greyer. We make our own choices and that is exactly what God has given us – Free Will. It is our choices that create these visible and invisible bonds. Arguably most of our choices shackle us rather than liberating. I wondered why. Few thi

ngs I could reflect have been enlisted below:

1. Standing on pulpit of Free Will and exerting wrong desires would definitely entangle you. You see there is difference between pursuing desires and pursuing the wrong desires. Then there is equal intensity of perseverance required to fulfill all those desires. Wrong desires would obviously lead you to wrong results no matter how much effort you put in achieving them.

2. Is curiosity leading us astray? I believe that curiosity is first sin, but partially believe in its merits. Sometimes curiosity for wrong things leads into trouble and for right- revelation.

3. There is definitely a way out.  Even when you find your self in the lowest ditches, smothered and lonely – there is a way out. The way out depends upon your thinking – Whether you are optimist, pessimist or opportunist.

4. Indecision is a curse and quite agonizing too. Just decide – be bold to face the consequences of your decisions and humble enough to accept its rewards.

5. Not believing in your abilities. Once you can learn to believe in your self and your abilities, making a path is not difficult.

Living your life brim full, it’s just once in a lifetime opportunity 🙂

Living life is an art- Learn to paint it



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