How Your Blog Reflects You

Your blog reflects you! The inspiration behind every blog is definitely wooing big success. Right from the onset of a blog, its development, intermediate phases and finally the success, there seems to be too many governing factors.

It does not take very long for a blog to be a something to a nothing.  One prominent reason is a deprecating blog design. How your blog stoops that way, and what makes it fall is being contemplated below. Take a quick read.

1. Too Sporadic

Regularity is not only important while blogging, it is a key to your blog’s success. If you’re becoming lazy, more sporadic in your posts, it is sure to be killing your blog. Newness through regular posting signifies your activeness, and holds your readership. Irregularity confuses readers and brings ambiguities in postings schedules resulting in disinterested following for your blog.

2. Copying

There is a thin line between getting inspired, and emulating. Originality is what readers search and makes your blog stand apart. Copying would swindle away that faith and kill your blog the very instant. So avoid plagiarism and strive to be fresh and original. Though it’s difficult to strike new concepts each time, yet it pays off in long run.

3. Erring Too Much

To err is human, but attaining perfection a constant process.  Too many spelling mistakes, oft typos, grammatical tweaks and wrong links, not just once but occasionally, would cast wrong impression on readers. Always make sure that sheer negligence would not be an excuse for a poor show. Remember once a mistake is twice a habit, so try being as impeccable as possible.

4. Boring posts

Engagement and holding readers’ attention is important. Boring and unfocused posts garners no readership. That is why try inculcating liveliness, humor and wit in your writing. Remember you want an inquisitive, eager reader for your blog and if your post makes them doze off with monotony, your traffic would suffer greatly.

5. Having very long posts

Having long posts rumbling just words is too much for an online reader. To create interest in a long post one should opt for quick formatting tips. Use breaks, images, bulleted points and sub heading. This guides the readers through the post. Also, avoid jargons, follow kiss (keep it sweet and simple). Let your thoughts seep easily into your readers.

6. Stressful Navigation

Easy and well guided navigation is always a plus for successful blog. What’s the point having visitors figuring out a way into the blog? Un-planned navigation not only frustrates visitors but also takes them away from your blog forever. For them everything should be quite vivid and clear.

7. Using wrong titles

A clear, crisps and well sharpened title holds the vital click-through for your blog. Inapt and out of context titles really taxes readers. Remember a post can give as many hits as you want, but only when you know how to figure a purposeful and right title. Something which delivers what it had promised.

8.Mute Readers

Interaction and an inlet to let people speak out their mind would ensure a one-to-one correspondence to readers. If a blog lacks a comment section it would indicate your ignorance for readers, so avoid it at any cost.

9. Limit sharing options

Sharing is caring! Your readers would probably like to share their read with others. Give them this opportunity by keeping the sharing option open. If not all, try adjusting the popular ones. It makes sharing seamless and a lot easier for your visitors.

10. Being mean to readers

Visitors to your blog are like guests. It is important to give them due respect and attention. If you are mean, curt and impolite it will surly drive them away. Being professional does not bar you from being friendly and giving them a warm welcome. Respect is earned when it is extended the same way.


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