Weird Searches Google Answers

I am one of those perpetual “Googler”.  If there’s anything I need to find out I just Google it and advise others the same.

In fact when I thought I was the only one who came up with the “weirdest Google searches” idea. But there were some 140,000,000 results talking about it.

Psssss, Yeah Sure!  I don’t how my ideas become audible to others (Me The Big Narcissist ;)). However, I have some set of wired searches that amazingly Google answered:

And…the biggest surprise: – People are really searching about them :-p

  1. “Is swallowing bubble gum bad for health”
  2. “why doesn’t tarzan have a beard”
  3. “When will I die”
  4. “how to impress a girl”
  5. “how to hack Facebook account”
  6. “where do you want to be in 5 years”
  7. How does Google work”

Do you have any?


5 thoughts on “Weird Searches Google Answers

  1. I am very clumsy and I search : how to … I just start to type how to and google offers options 🙂 and the wirdest was: how to not eat 🙂 and how to avoid prisoner’s dilemma 🙂

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