It’s A Writer’s Thing

Few things that irritate writer from my perspective:-

 The Big Fat Writers Block 

Depressing…utterly depressing! No matter how great a writer is, he/ she will definitely face a sweating time overcoming the “Writers Block”. The pen won’t write anything, helplessly your mind goes blank and that blinking cursor keeps cursing you. So when I know, no matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to write a word, I:

Dance, watch great flicks, read ( books, magazines anything that gets my mind running)

  • Explore some awesome images, visual art, cartoons, caricatures
  • I have great affinity for colors, I like checking their variations
  • Stare into empty sky or try making shapes out of clouds.
  • Do nothing at all (Perfect Bliss :))
  • Go into nature

Awesome Thought Just Vanished into Thin Air

This gives me the feeling of being a genius for split second. Somehow this happens more than often with me. I have this amazing idea to work on. I rely on my memory (which is sharp 🙂 for that matter) and don’t pen it down. I retire to my study only find that my memory has scraped off any last signs of that idea. Nothing but thin air knows what it was.

Folks, you need to grasp two things about these random “ideas”:-

  • One, they are really brilliant and distill out of your creative juices.
  • Two, they are volatile and seem to evaporate really quick

That is why my mentor always stresses “A writer without pen is no writer at all”. He is indeed right. Just ink your thoughts somewhere whenever and whatever they might be. In fact make it a habit. Don’t postpone –do it that very second.

Futile Search for Right Word

The talent to say many things in few words – The art of precise and pithy writing. It is a real talent and is often cultivated through creative flair, vocabulary backing and consistent effort.

To Be or Not To Be 

In an attempt to innovate a super creative work of words, you pace for the most bombastic start (I do it, more often, but I am trying to control it). The greater a writer is the simpler he/she gets for his reader. You’ll find some write-ups to be “chocolaty-sweet”. Gulping on those words is neither difficult, nor taxing for your understanding.

One more thing I would like to add. Cutting, deleting, striking off or backspacing – try editing your write up the best way. Not all come out perfect in the first go. You need to think, rethink, edit and proof read constantly. It is a good writing practice, stick by it.

Just Cant Stop Writing

Many sprints of thoughts and ideas flash for writer, when he/she is thought immersed. Novice writers (that would be me) try picking a lead from all those random thoughts. This actually leads to the uncontrollable feeling writing.

The write up then is too sloppy, lacks precision and most of the content is not really required.

While more chiseled and composed writers know how to bridle their thoughts. They harness their thoughts and mold them with best perspective to a given requirement. That’s achievable by:

  1. Learning from mistakes
  2. Understanding different writing styles
  3. Learning whole heartedly from criticism as well
  4. Be not an avid reader,  but a voracious reader

Because – “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”


Your kind words will be appreciated.

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