Aesthetic Coffee

Latte art …it’s just one of those creative things I am addicted to. I can spend my time watching these amazing latte art patterns endlessly. The best part in my observation is that the more you see them the more variations you get.  Just Google Latte art and click on images, you’ll come to know.

The fact that I am not a big coffee fan makes it’s less likely for me to indulge in a cup of Latte.  There’s a small story behind it.

One sunny afternoon (all stories begin with once of one – mine too :)) a friend of mine invited me over a cup of coffee.  At first I tossed her…rather rudely for inviting me over a cup of coffee when she knew I detested coffee, and it was scorching hot outside.  She somehow cajoled me and that’s exactly what best friends do 🙂

Sullen & sulky I reached Barista….picked a corner table (I always like to sit in a corner away from any alien eye watching).  My friend finally came…15 minute late as usually.  She brought along our entire group that made my displeasure gradually go.  I was oblivious when and what was placed as a order

It was love at first sight…I watched the hot cup of frothing Latte with heart shape right in the middle. I just kept watching when my friend smiled and said “Stop ogling ….it’s not that bad just have a sip”.   I blushed (because I had no idea how this heart was drawn there).  I asked her, “How did this heart come here”.  Still smiling and with some coolness she replied” It is latte art and a trained Latte professional makes it”

The sight was so pretty, I couldn’t take a sip.  But finally….after repeated pleading from my friends I took a sip. It was okay …okay enough for  me to finish it off ( I don’t particularly relish coffee).

After loitering all day I was home hunted by Latte art. I did some research and here are few things I grasped.

Latte art is created out of coffee when steamed milk is poured into shot of expresso. Patterns and designs can be formed on the top layer of the foam. What makes latte art difficult is maintaining balance between the precarious express shot and milk. Then again Latte art professional can’t spend too much time creating these designs.

There are two types to Latte art:

Free Pouring – The milk is poured onto the coffee foam over titled cup.


Free Pouring Latte Art

Etching –Shorter in life span these designs are drawn out by a stirrer of some kind.

Etching Latte Art

Other Latte Patterns:



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