Love Vs Arrange – A Thought

EditLove or arrange….there has been a great tussle between the two from time immemorial. 

This is basically because the perspective partners look for much of material gains to make out of something which was supposed to be “Made in heaven”…..
Pursuing above thought,

I strongly believe ….that attire, material, money and looks fail to impress a person after some time. What stays is a question?

Does that person care for you?.. Does that person understand you….Has that person the capability to share his/her mind and intellect freely with you.
Therefore well calculated and motive driven marriages have a hard time facing the storms of time.
Love or arrange… To cherish this heavenly bond of marriage you have to see person’s heart and mind not the materialistic gains.
For they say- “Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart”


One thought on “Love Vs Arrange – A Thought

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