How To Find Friend During Travel

Travel is indeed a pleasure mixed with pleasure. Travel quest is yet another bonanza which brings explorations, adventure and mirth. One of the advantages of travelling is that can be a perfect opportunity to make friends. Didn’t think travel could be an apt place to make friends, did you? But yes, you can always do that.

Tim Cahill correctly Quotes – “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

So next time you plan a travel trip be sure to note the points mentioned below.

Possible Friend Sitting Next To You                  

While you share a journey with a fellow traveler by your side in an airplane or bus or train i.e. any other transportation medium, you have a possibility of blossoming a friendship. So turn your head up, look around and have a word or two with the person sitting next to you. If chances are great you could have a travel friend.     

Be A Socialite Charm

Most importantly being a dry, dull person while traveling, other than intentional basis, could somehow make you a recluse. So If you are an introvert, shed that cocoon of yours and inanimate a charm and mystery about you. Mystery attracts and interest’s people, could be very well a way to strike a friendly cord while travelling.

Brisk Walk Through The Town

If you are planning to stay at your desired destination for a while, make it point to explore it extensively. Stroll around the public places and, where you can find the real crowd of the place to be most concentrated. Chances are high that you could definitely find a friend here.

Be Communicative & Inquisitive

Communication is the biggest key to know and let other person know about you. Assisting this quality is an inquisitive nature, not over or under, but intermediate levels, after all you don’t want to pester anyone. Ask questions and answer, build communications, another excellent way to find friends. 

Common Interest Could Be Great

One thing that always ignites friendship is common interests. When you talk with a stranger, ask about likes and dislikes, they could be ones attuned with yours. 

Get Enrolled For A Group Tour

Packaged or group tours are perfect to find friend while travelling. This is because while traveling with a group of people, you would defiantly come close as a routine of being together day in day out while traveling.

Pub Crawl & Couch Surfing

Fascinating as it sounds “pub crawl” is a way to travel 3-5 pubs in day. Being crowded, it is the most amicable place to get to know people and make friends. While the “couch surfing” gives you the opportunity to stay for free and interact at the same time. It is a community of people around the world offering free lodging and food for travelers, finding it a way to network with people from across the globe


3 thoughts on “How To Find Friend During Travel

  1. I totally agree with you here! This is a great post. Sometimes people are fearful of making friends, but it is easy when traveling! I travel often and also solo alot, so I can identify with some of your tips.

    Good post, and love your photo 🙂

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