Money Or Happiness?

Money and happiness have one thing in common; they both bring feeling of fulfillment. At the same time they conflict each other, just exploring this in the article.

Money and happiness bear the common grounds, because we want to be happy we earn happy. Having money gives us a sense of comfort and a wholesome feeling, bringing in the happiness. Therefore saying it would not be an exaggeration to say that the relation between money and happiness is one of the most entangled relations.

Detangling the arduous relationship of money and happiness is not easy but we made a humble attempt with arguments and contradiction. Today’s world finds money to be the sole criteria of prosperity. Hence a strong parentheses of the more the better define money. And the more   world since ages the saying goes on to tell that the more money you have the more you want it. This is not the only characteristic of money, surprisingly you’ll find that the money you have always seems to be meager as compared to others. 

Interestingly the relationship between money and happiness is governed by ones understanding for happiness.  Most pursue happiness the wrong the way, until they realize that the real happiness they were seeking was something entirely different. What we see is that money gives temporary solace and sense of comfort of being able to afford the desires we have. But human nature is such that it cannot be satisfied at one point, it starts yearning for more. This craving for more makes you strife for something even bigger and fancier. The underlying fact being that money creates mirages for you. 

Just when you start shunning, money for its futility, let me place a very intriguing thought. Ever wondered what lack of money is, the stress one has to bear when you toil for a single penny. The only thought then one has is, “how I wish I had lots of money.” The lack of money can be impairment for happiness. Studies have shown that lack of money can be reason for misery, depression and unhappiness.

Then where do happiness and money meet, where do the two correlate? Fathom do we realize that life is harmony and is precariously balanced on fulcrum of our understanding. We need to know how money can be utilized to obtain happiness, and pursuing so seldom means losing the humanitarian touch.


Your kind words will be appreciated.

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