How to Fight Your Fears

Fear makes me afraid and so does it to everyone. Don’t see the grammatical errors of the sentence, just seek its meaning.

“Fear Diminishes Intellect”

The quote above sum totals what fears can do

to us. It can snatch from us the ability to think, to analyze and to act. Fear can come in any from;

  •  It can be a complex or worry or perhaps a depression
  •  It can be a task unachieved
  •  It can be pressure you bear
  •  It can be agonizing feeling of loosing something

Many more such factors keep bothering us ultimately forging a fear in us. Each time we are afraid our hearts sinks, subconscious fails to answer and sense of doom prevails.

Such dire emotions caused by fear indicate that we must all learn to get over our fears. Fear is important in ones life to steer work ahead, but excess of it can be damaging.

Though I am no authority on the subject, I believe happiness can be a great motivation in ones life and diminish fear to great extend. Another factor which can help is the magnitude of satisfaction in your life. If your joys are limited and ambitions humble enough, your fears will automatically get curbed.

Expectations kill and it’s only when you expect so much that it develops a fear of “crest falling”. So we should try to limit our expectations and not take them sky high.

Lead a clean life, when no wrong is done by you, then your power will be your truth. Truth is that power which made Gandhi – Mahatma Gandhi.

Love your life, the more you crave the more yearning you have. Just once sit back and see what has been bestowed on you as compared to others. You’ll learn how lucky you are.

Don’t be a jealous; jealousy can antagonize the magnitude of fear. Instead try to appreciate others for the good work and effort they put in. I’m trying to muster this one, but fail because jealousy is instinctive in us. Some degrees of it are opined as beneficial but excess is caustic.

Believe in Milton’s words “For he shall also serve me who stands and wait”

Before i take your leave, I would like to tell wise words of an erudite person – Face the Fear In The Face of It. But above all positive attitude can make you win great fights.

I’ll be more than happy, if you think you can enlighten me further, please be invited to make your suggestions.  


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