Google The Doodle Way!

It’s amazing how each time I open my browser and get greeted with these wonderful Google art.  Their amazing creativity in the GOOGLE logo never seens to exhaust. Each time I wait eagerly for Google’s theme for that day.

It is officially known as Doodles, a unique initiative by Google to commemorate important days around the world. The real beauty about these work is that Google also includes the most unsung stories into it. It brings to surface lots of facts which in no way would have been noticed by us.

Moreover all the Google Doodle are induced with animation or some interesting maneuver to it. Plus when you click on the Doodles all facts surface out. 

Grab some Google-Doodlogy @
Interesting as it is, you will love how creativity can work.
Doodle is defined as meaningless lines drawn. Think it this way…. often when you are not paying attention, you have a pen or pencil in hand you start sketching here and there. Yes it is exactly what doodles mean.

If you require more information on Doodle then read   

It makes my day to simply see the new innovative Doodles. Thanks Google.


Your kind words will be appreciated.

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